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Literacy and Numeracy


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  • Our literacy initiatives aim to improve grammar and punctuation use across the school.

  • We encourage all students to take higher level English.

  • All first-year students participate in ‘Reading for Pleasure’ programme during morning registration.

  • Keywords for all subjects are displayed in every English classroom.

  • Timelines for each semester are displayed in every English classroom.

  • Paired Reading is provided for students who need extra support in the area of literacy.

  • SNIP Literacy Programme is offered to students to develop fluency of reading.

  • Literacy Week is celebrated with a variety of activities such as Drop Everything And Read, quizzes, competitions and movie screenings.

Literacy Committee Update

This academic year 2021-2022 the Literacy Committe have been behind a number of initiatives and events to promote and embed literacy in Coláiste Pobail Setanta.
At the beginning of the year the committee designed a Blooms Taxonomy questioning resource to be used as a tool by subject teachers during our first SSE support hub week.
The resource was created to link literacy in a cross-curricular manner.
The literacy committee then ran a very successful Literacy week in the college between the 4th of April to the 8th of April.
The literacy committee are currently involved in an on-going project to re-vamp the college library and implement accelerated reader. This project will hopefully be ready by the beginning of the next academic year 2022-2023.


  • Our numeracy initiatives aim to develop students’ mental arithmetic.

  • All test results are returned in fraction form and students are required to calculate their own percentages.

  • Keywords for each topic are displayed in every Maths classroom.

  • Maths dictionaries are accessible in all Maths classrooms.

  • Timelines for each semester are displayed in every Maths classroom.

  • Maths puzzles and teasers are displayed around the school.

  • Maths week is celebrated with a variety of activities such as Maths table quizzes, drop everything and Sudoku, Maths puzzle of the week with prizes for the winners and a 1st year Maths treasure hunt.

Parents Click here for helpful hints to support Literacy and Numeracy at home.

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