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Learning Code

Our Learning Code

Learning is the most important activity in this college. You are here to learn. So are other students. If you interrupt learning, you will be given a Reminder Note or a Report Note and extra work to do: Green Reminder Notes: (first one or two times only)

• Coming late to class

• Student Device not charged

• Coming to class without the correct books/copies/equipment/uniform

• Coming to class without the correct homework completed and in class to show your teacher

Amber Report Notes: Please note that a student’s behaviour may warrant a Report Note being issued in the first instance

• Talking/messing/interrupting learning after being asked to stop

• Disrespectful language or behaviour

• Reminder Note work not completed/presented

• Not co-operating with College Staff

• Continuing to come to school without full uniform

• Inappropriate use/misuse of Student Personal Device (See Acceptable Use Policy)

Red Suspension Notes: issued by Yearheads to students “On Report” whose behaviour warrants a Report Note.


Sep 07
LGBTQ+ "Stand up" week
Sep 10
Information Evening for TY students & LCA Students
Sep 28
Get Active Week
Sep 29
5th year History - Religious Education - Geography Trip to Italy
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