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Newsletter No.97 Monday 01-02-21



Newsletter No.97 Monday 01-02-21

Semester 2 Week 8

Welcome back after a windswept and rain filled weekend, I hope you got to get out of the house for a walk at some stage to get fresh air prevent the onset of cabin fever. It is very important to continue to make deposits in your Wellbeing Bank at every opportunity because of the number of withdrawals we are making everyday as we do our bast with Level 5 Lockdown and Remote Teaching and Learning. It is important to engage in self-care so that we can be there for ourselves and others when needed.

Last week our College successfully conducted the Mock MFL Orals, having completed the Mock Irish Orals the previous week, the Mock Music Practical’s and facilitated the Options Process for incoming 1st Years and next year’s 5th Years. The Transition Year Interviews were conducted and offer letters were sent to the successful candidates and the Student Progress Reports went live on VS Ware for parents and guardians of 2nd and 5th Year. It was a very busy week, and its success is down to our very dedicated teachers and SNA’s and our very engaged parents and guardians.

This week we will be seeking applications for next years Leaving Cert Applied, LCA, class. Mr Whitty and Ms. Leahy are running this process and will make details known to 3rd and TY students this week.


Last week it has shown how important it is that there are clear lines of communication between Coláiste Pobail Setanta and its students and parents/guardians. As a College we depend on every parent/guardian having our College App on their phones for the many updates and information we send weekly. If parents/guardians do not have the College App, then they are missing out on communication as this is our primary method of communication. Please visit our website and go to the parent’s page and to App Launch for details.

Coláiste Pobail Setanta also depends on every parent/guardian having access to their child’s VS Ware account. VS Ware is where your child’s timetable, academic reports, behaviour reports, feedback from teachers and much more can be accessed. I was very important last week for parents/guardians and students when choosing option subjects for next year’s 1st Years and next year’s 5th Years as this whole process was conducted on VS Ware. If you do not have access to your child’s VS Ware account, please contact out Front Office, 6402403, for assistance.

Coláiste Pobail Setanta also depends on all parents/guardians having created their eNROL Accounts, the online payments system for the College. Coláiste Pobail Setanta does not accept cheques, cash, money orders or electric fund transfers as payments. All payments must be made through eNROL, which has a link on our website. If you do not have an eNROL account, please contact the Front Office, 6402403, for assistance.

TY News

Congratulations to all our new Transition Year students who were successful in securing a place in next years TY Programme. The applications and interviews were at an exceptionally high standard this year and all candidates made a great impression. The Transition Year Fee has been placed on your eNROL account and the deposit to secure your child’s place is now due for payment. Please login to your eNROL account for details. Monday 1/2/21 is the closing date for acceptance of TY places, so please ensure that this is completed.

Student Progress Reports

The Student Progress Reports for 5th Years and 2nd Year went live on VS Ware last Thursday 28/1/21. These reports are to replace the Parent/Student/Teacher Meetings that were scheduled. Please login to VS Ware to view the comments made by your child’s teachers on their progress to date. If you do not have access to your child’s VS Ware account, please contact out Front Office, 6402403, for assistance.


As per last week’s newsletter, the Mock written exams remain scheduled for Monday 1/3/21 to Monday 15/3/21 unless we hear otherwise. Teachers and students are planning for the Mock Exams to run between these dates.

Competition for Students

Decade of Centenaries Schools Irish History Competition for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2021

The decade 2012–2022 is categorised as the ‘Decade of Centenaries’ as it marks the centenary of several important historical events and developments that occurred in the period 1912–1922, and which formed a vital role in the formation of modern Ireland.
As part of the ‘Decade of Centenaries’ commemorations, schools and students at all levels of primary and post-primary schools across Ireland are invited, in the 2020/2021 school year, to enter the annual schools’ history competition. The selected themes have a particular link to events of a century ago across the island of Ireland.


This year, at both primary and post-primary levels, projects are invited under the following general headings. Please note that all categories can incorporate a local/regional studies theme:

  • Revolution in Ireland – a study of a political/revolutionary event from the 1912–1922 period, a particular aspect of the event, or an individual/group/organisation associated with it. As with the other categories, this can incorporate a local/regional studies theme.
  • Ireland and the First World War – a study of the Irish experience of the war from the perspective of an individual or group. This could involve a focus on a particular battle, an individual participant’s story or a consideration of the entire 1914–1918 period.
  • Women during the revolutionary period in Ireland – a study of a particular individual/group/organisation/movement striving to improve the quality of women’s lives or involved in revolutionary activity in Ireland in the 1912–1922 period
  • War of Independence – a study of a political/revolutionary event from the 1919–1921 period, a particular aspect of the event, or an individual/group/organisation associated with it.
  • Civil War - a study of a particular individual/ organisation/ group/ movement/ event during the civil war in Ireland and its impact

Each project must include a cover sheet at the front (a template cover sheet is available to download below) and a bibliography listing the sources consulted.

  1. Essay Competition – Primary and Post Primary

The maximum word count for projects is 2,000 words at primary level (i.e., for projects submitted by a class, group of pupils or an individual pupil), and 4,000 words at post primary level (i.e., for projects submitted by a class, group of students or individual student). Projects may be submitted in either English or Irish.
All projects must be submitted as word documents to PowerPoint presentations cannot be accepted.

  1. Transition Year Video Competition

This year, we have included a special video competition for Transition Year students. The video can be on any of the topics listed above. The video must be no more than 5 mins in length and must cite all sources. It can be submitted in a variety of ways –it can be uploaded to a private page on YouTube or Vimeo with the link emailed and all supplementary information, references etc., emailed to
A link can also be sent via WeTransfer or the video can be recorded on to a DVD and posted to History Video Competition, Curriculum and Assessment Policy Unit, Department of Education, Marlborough St, Dublin 1.
There are many websites available to give assistance to both teachers and students in the creation of a video project, among these are:

For both the essay competition and the video competition references must be included, candidates need to be aware of the copyright limitations on songs and images, as well as text. Further information in this regard can be found on and via the patent’s office,

Deadline for submissions:

The deadline for receipt of completed projects is 30 April 2021 with the winners being announced, and prizes awarded, before the end of September 2021.
Projects must be submitted online to the following email address: Each project must include a cover sheet at the front (a template cover sheet is available to download below) and a bibliography listing the sources consulted.
Link to competition:

Explore. Create. Make a Difference.

Win €500 for yourself, €500 for your school + a chance to win the Climate Topic Prize + Irish Language Prize!

Our "stuff “and the decisions we make about it, directly impacts the environment. The things we use on a daily basis each have their own life cycle story to tell, and the choices we make have an impact on our planet. Choose what you're most interested in exploring, get creative, and highlight the importance of safeguarding Ireland's environment.

All you need to do is tell the story of your object or an activity through video, animation, hand-drawn storyboard, infographics or photography.

SEC - RACE Junior Certificate Applications
The closing date for the submission of Junior Cycle RACE applications is 22 January and has now been extended to Friday 26 February. Ms Shannon will be in contact with the relevant students individually to arrange testing appointments. It is hoped that testing can take place online but if that is not possible all tests will be completed in person on our return to school in time for the new deadline.

Can all students who are wishing to apply for the DARE HEAR process please make sure they consult the following website for all relevant information regarding the application process:
All information session for parents / guardians and students can be accessed through the link to a webinar below:

Handbooks and forms can be found here:

Handy guideline of timeline and dates:

Contact details of DARE college representatives that can be contacted directly:

Please contact our Guidance Department using this link if you have any further questions.

Wellbeing Wednesday.

This Wednesday 3/2/21 has been designated as a Wellbeing Wednesday for all at Coláiste Pobail Setanta. This is our second Wellbeing Wednesday this year and it is designed to encourage wellbeing in our families and to reduce the pressures of school. This is especially important now as school and home life have become almost unrecognisable from each other and we need to create time, space and opportunities for families to reconnect over enjoyable activities.

This Wednesday classes will finish at 12:07 and the afternoon will be free of school activity. There will be no homework assigned to students on Wednesday and there will be no homework due on Thursday 4/2/21. This means that Wednesday afternoon and evening will be free for students and their families to engage in some wellbeing activities. As we are all in Level 5 Lockdown, these wellbeing activities will have to take place in the home. I will be sending a message on the App regarding this also. Enjoy.


Aug 26
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