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Newsletter No.90 Monday 8-11-2020



Newsletter No.90 Monday 8-11-2020

Semester 1 Week 9

Students returning from absence.

From today onward, parents and guardians do not need to complete the purple absence slip at the back of the students journal to explain their child’s absence from school. This will now be replaced by a link that each parent/guardian has received from the Tutor of each class, enabling us to meet the requirements demanded by the HSE on students returning from absence. Below is a copy of the text to parents/guardians that was sent last week.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Because of covid-19 we have to take extra measures when it comes to recording absences and recording a students fitness to return to school after an absence.

The HSE requires that we record a declaration from a students parents/guardians that they believe that their child does not have an infectious disease and that they have followed all medical and public health guidance with respect to exclusion of their child from educational facilities.

We are going to combine the necessity to complete this form with the requirement to complete the purple record of absence slip at the back of the students journal so that there is no paperwork or checking of journal necessary.

Your child’s Tutor will share a link titled, Return to Educational Facility Declaration, with you using the College App in the next day or so.

Every time your child is absent from school, you are required to complete this, Return to Educational Facility Declaration, before they can return to school.

Your childs Tutor will monitor this to ensure that the declaration is completed and will refer the matter to the Year Head if it is not.

It is important that we all take every precaution to prevent the spread of covid-19 and this is a necessary step in that action.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Liam Walsh, Principal.


Remote Teaching Readiness

This week we are testing our Remote Teaching Readiness with our 1st, 2nd, 5th and TY groups. This is to ensure that our students are prepared and that their devices are ready for remote teaching should the need arise. It is important that parents and students are aware of the protocols for conducting remote teaching through teams. Please familiarise yourself with the Distance Learning Policy on our website for clarity. Please see the text that was sent to parents last week in preparation for this event.

Dear Parents/Guardians

Before we broke for our midterm break, we carried out a Remote Teaching Readiness check with our 3rd and 6th years. This involved our 3rd and 6th Year students staying at home after lunch on a chosen day and accessing their classes from home using Teams and OneNote.

The purpose of this exercise was to highlight any issues that may occur should our schools be closed in an effort to fight the spread of covid-19.

It was a very successful exercise and we now plan to repeat this for our other year groups.

I would refer you to our Distance Learning Policy on our website,

Especially the areas referring to how students are to be dressed and that the student’s camera must be turned on at all times. Please have a conversation with your son/daughter regarding their responsibilities as outlined in this policy.

The remote teaching readiness check will take place as follows,

Monday 9th November our 1st Year students will remain at home for the morning classes and will access these classes through Teams, OneNote and email. They will then attend school as normal after lunch.

Tuesday 10th November our 5th Year students will stay at home after lunch and access their afternoon classes through Teams, OneNote and email.

Wednesday 11th November our 2nd Years and TY students will stay at home after lunch and access their afternoon classes through Teams, OneNote and email.

Thursday 12th November our 1st Year students will stay at home after lunch and access their afternoon classes through Teams, OneNote and email.

Our 1st Years are completing the check twice as they have not experienced remote teaching before and will need to have learnt lessons from the first experience on Monday and practice it again on Thursday.

Please ensure that your son/daughters’ camera is working on their device as this must be turned on at all times during the Teams lessons. If there are issues with your son/daughter’s device, please log it with our IT Department by using the ticket system on our website using the link below.

Thank you for your support .

Yours sincerely

Liam Walsh, Principal.

Random Selection Draw.

The Random Selection Draw for applicants to 1st Year 2021 took place last week and our Front Office Staff are now preparing the letters to be sent to the parents/guardians of all applicants. This process takes time, and all letters will be posted by Monday 16/11/20. Our Front Office Staff are unable to give information on any applicants’ status over the phone as all communication regarding the application process must be conveyed by postal letter.

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