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Newsletter No.87 Monday 19-10-2020 Semester 1 Week 7



Welcome back after the weekend and after a fantastic week of Maths, thanks to our amazing Maths Department who kept us both guessing and entertained for the week with quizzes, puzzles and of course jokes. Thanks, a mill to the entire Maths Dept and to all who made our Maths Week a success. As one themed week ends another one starts and this week it is STEAM Week, which is packed with events for all. Huge thanks to Michelle Allen and her team for organising STEAM Week for our students. This will be our 3rd Themed Week in a row and the standard is climbing every week. Best of luck.


This week in the College we will be celebrating STEAM Week 🙂. The purpose of this week is to promote critical thinking across all subjects. When teaching this week, I am encouraging you to plan some activities that require students to carry out some problem solving. The use of problem-solving activities in our lessons promotes students to become critical thinkers, it allows them to apply the knowledge they have learnt in class, it encourages them to seek alternative ways of thinking and it can also be fun.

Like everything, this week had to be scaled back and is not as hands on as we would like however the key concept is still being promoted.


  1. Daily Riddle:

Students and staff are encouraged to take part in the daily riddle competition. A riddle will be posted in the news tab of the school website along with an answer box. A winner will be selected each day.

  1. Student Building Competition:

Students can enter the ‘building a mobile’ competition which encourages students to design a well-balanced mobile. This competition allows students to work on their knowledge of the Law of the Lever and Forces. To enter students, build a mobile using the instructions on the link below. Once built students will take a picture of themselves with it and email me. Instructions of how to participate in this competition will also be posted on our website and sent out to parents. Click on the link to find out more:

Prizes will be awarded to best Junior and Senior Build.

  1. Careers in STEAM:

Videos on careers in STEAM will be shared with staff. Tutors should show a couple of these videos to their students during tutorial.


  1. Hour of Code:

Period 4 on Friday for 1st-3rd Years. Students click on link below (this link is also going to be on our website) and complete a coding activity. These activities range in levels of difficulty and have a different theme to suit all interests. Each activity is an hour long and is teaches the students how to code as they move through the levels. No expertise is needed by the students learning or the teachers supervising.

Thank you all in advance for your support.

Kind Regards, Michelle Allen

Black History Month

This year, for the first time our College will be celebrating Black History Month by hosting our Black History Week. This is the idea of Ms. Baraut and her TY Class and we wish them every success in their adventure. There will be activities this week and events to promote Black History and we are encouraging teachers and students to become involved. There is a non-uniform day on Friday 23/10/20 to raise money for the Irish Network Against Racism. Please see below.

Non-uniform Day to Celebrate Black History Month.

On Friday the 21st of October there will be a non-uniform day to celebrate Black History Month and to raise awareness of the Black Lives Matters marches and the injustice towards black people across the globe. Each student will have the choice to wear their own black clothes to support or wear in their uniforms as usual. Students will have to pay €2, the proceeds raised will go to a charity called “Irish Network Against Racism” or INAR for short. There will be students at each door to collect the money so make sure to bring your money if you are wearing you own “black” clothes.

Rang Uisnigh

Written by Jamie Evans

Enrolment to CP Setanta

We are currently accepting applications from students of 6th class who wish to enrol in 1st Year and all years in CP Setanta for the academic year 2021/2022. The deadline for receiving applications is Friday 23/10/2020 at 12:00 noon. Please remind all students of this so that they can remind their parents as the siblings of our students need to apply for a place here also.

Semester 1 Exams.

Last week the SLT, Exam Secretary, Front Office and LWR worked on the development of a safe protocol for conducting our Semester 1 Exams. We feel that these protocols take into account the concerns of all that were expressed last week and enable our students to take part in meaningful assessment.

I have included the protocols in this newsletter

Semester 1 Exams Protocol

To keep staff and students safe during our Semester 1 Exams, the following protocols will be followed.

1.The Subject Teacher emails the exam script and number of copies to be made to the Front Office with the Exam Cover Sheet being the first page of each exam.

  1. The exam will be printed and photocopied by the office staff and placed in bundles by “TEACHER” in the Parents Room for collection.
  2. Allow 72 hours to pass for health and safety.
  3. Teachers will then sort their exams into Exam Envelopes with a Semester 1 Exam Envelope Cover Sheet, see attached, secured to the outside of the envelope, and move the exams to the Exam Storeroom on the Red Floor.
  4. Allow 72 hours to pass for health and safety.
  5. These exams will be stored in the Exam Storeroom and will be sorted by the exam secretary, Year Zero YH, while wearing PPE (gloves and face mask).
  6. The YH of each Year Group will collect the exams from the Exam Store and distribute them to the exam centres on the day of the exam.
  7. At the start of the exam the teacher gives the exam to the student while wearing PPE (gloves and face mask).
  8. 10 minutes prior to the end of the exam all students will take a picture of their completed exam and upload it to the OneNote. (possibility of using the Microsoft Lens App which will download the pictures automatically to the OneNote)
  9. The exams are collected by staff member wearing PPE (gloves and face mask), put back into the exam envelope with the Semester 1 Exam Envelope Cover Sheet, and returned to the Guidance Depts Groupwork Room, between Ger Leahys Office and Room 220 on the Yellow Floor.
  10. Allow 72 hours to pass for health and safety.
  11. Staff can collect exam papers to correct them after this time or correct the exam using their OneNote

Student Progress Reports.

Thank you to all staff that took part in the MS Forms survey regarding our 3rd and 6th Progress Reports that will be issued in place of the 3rd sand 6th Year PST Meetings. The deadline for completion of both reports is Thursday 5/11/20 as they will go live to parents on Friday 6/11/20.

Remote Learning Readiness.

This week we are testing our Remote Learning Readiness as started in the text that went to staff and parents last week.

Dear Parent/Guardian

As the Covid-19 situation intensifies in our county and country, we are very aware that there may come a time where we may have to engage in remote teaching again.

With that in mind we are going to test our readiness on Tuesday 20th October by following the steps outlined below.

We have to be sure that our students are fully prepared to access TEAMS, OneNote, emails and their OneDrive.

Please discuss this with your son/daughter and ensure that their school device is in good working order.

6th Years Students:

  • This will involve all 6th years staying at home after lunch on Tuesday 20th October to access their lessons via teams.
  • Teachers would then teach via teams and follow their timetable for the afternoon.
  • Teachers will not be on Teams for the full lesson, but will be using a combination of Teams and OneNote as is best practice.
  • This would trail our readiness for remote teaching and learning and show what supports need to be put in place if we do have to use remote teaching this academic year.

3rd Year students:

  • On Wednesday 21st of October we would do the same as above with our 3rd

The lessons learnt from our 3rd and 6th years will be applied to all year groups to ensure we are all fully prepared.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Yours sincerely

Liam Walsh, Principal.

Transition Year News

Monday: Our TY students will brave the elements as they test their stamina on the Liffey on their City Kayaking trip today.

Mini Graduation

As with every other year group, we held an online TY Awards ceremony in May this year with our outgoing TY group.

As these students are still with us in the college, we felt at the time, that it would be nice to mark the occasion in person and we plan to do that this coming Thursday 22nd October Period 5 & 6 in PE Hall.

Students will have the opportunity to receive their awards and their vast array of certs, including their Gaisce Bronze President's Award, as well as watching some highlights of their year in slideshows.

We will also present them with their Film Awards and get to see a montage of their film work throughout the year.

Each class chose a charity which linked in with their YSI project and combined with fundraising in the lead up to their Camino trip, they managed to raise a staggering amount of money.

We will be delighted on Thursday, to welcome representatives from both the Laura Lynn Foundation and Dog's Trust, as we present each charity with €2775, the culmination of all our TY student's hard work last year.

The total of €5550 is the most that any TY group has raised to date and we are very proud of their efforts.

If you are free at that time, you are very welcome to drop down to the PE hall to mark the occasion and wish our students well.

Leaving Cert Applied News

Traditionally we hold a bonding trip every September for our Leaving Cert Applied classes but as early restrictions were in place, we have planned this for the coming Wednesday 21st October when Rang Turlach will hike their way to the top of Howth hill with their tutor Ms Confrey.

We wish them all an enjoyable trip!

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