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Newsletter No.146 Monday 19-09-22



Newsletter No.146 Monday 19-09-22

Semester 1 Week 3

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As you know our 1st and 2nd Year students must stay in the College for lunch every day. They must bring a packed lunch and sit with their Rang in the canteen and then go to yard once their lunch is eaten. This is to help students to forge friendships and to settle into the routine of our College. We do not provide lunches and we do not have microwaves or sandwich makers yet, but will let you know when these have been organised. We will not be providing boiling water to students and the use of lunches that require boiling water to be added is not allowed.

It is great to see our canteen full of students again after being empty for so long.

Students Bikes

All students cycling to and from school, must lock their bikes at the back of the college where the back gates are locked to keep them safe. Do not lock your bike at the back of the community centre or at the front of the school as it will not be safe there. It is extremely important that your child’s bike is locked with a good quality lock at all times.

Students Drop off

As you are aware, our campus is very busy with three different buildings all being accessed every morning. Our primary school students walk to school mostly while the pre-school students are mostly dropped off in cars. I am asking that our secondary school students are encouraged to come to school in as independent way as possible. Students of 1st Year to 6th Year should be able to walk or cycle to school with independence. Only students with specific mobility and or independence issues need to be dropped off by car. It can be a very dangerous experience when at the end of the school day, there are over 1000 students leaving the school while there are cars coming in against them to pick students up. Parking on then double lines and footpaths/cycle paths outside the school is not permitted either. As a school we will be monitoring the situation closely

Study Workshops.

We will be delivering study workshops to our students over the coming weeks and months.

3rd Years, 21st and 22nd of September

5th Years, 11th, and 12th of October

6th Years, 18th, and 19th of October.

The Year Head of each year group will make details of these events known to parents using the college app.

Setanta’s Got Talent

With covid restrictions lifted and a music department all out of excuses it is time we put on a school show again.

We have decided not to do a musical this year but would like to put on a performance of an equally professional standard.

On Thursday 17 November we will host a school talent show. Before the musical took over, Setanta's Got Talent was the main music event of the school year, and it was always a great night. We hope this year will be just as good.

All interested students must give their names to their Tutor or to Ms. Cunningham or Ms. Baraut.

There will be a first audition round from which we will narrow down the numbers to a group of finalists who will perform on the night.

BT Young Scientist 2023


The closing date for entries to the BT Young Scientist competition is only a few weeks away. Any students who are interested in competing should start work on an entry form right away and see a Science teacher as soon as possible.

This would be particularly suitable for any student who competed in Scifest in recent years. They could even use the same project as their starting point.

There'll be loads of artwork available at BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition


My European Union, My Ireland, My EU50!


To commemorate 50 years of EU membership in Ireland, the Government of Ireland in partnership with European Movement Ireland want to celebrate with young people across the country and to see their creativity and new ideas about Ireland and Europe. ‘MyEU50: The Ireland EU50 Youth Competition’ will run throughout the 2022/2023 academic term, over all three levels of education in Ireland; primary, post-primary and third level.

The winner at primary and post-primary school levels will receive a prize of €2,000!

So join us and let’s get creative about Ireland and Europe!

Closing Date for receipt of entries is 28th October 2022.

Find out more and register your interest now to receive resources -

Student Lockers

Currently, all students who have paid for a locker have been allocated a locker. I am encouraging students to use their lockers to ensure their school bags are as light as possible and to store valuable in. It is important that the lock is thick enough to ensure the locker cannot be opened. Locks with a very thin shackle will allow the locker to open even with thew lock in place. Please get a lock with a thick shackle.


College Uniform

The expectations of the College when it comes to uniform is very clear on the College Website,

The Uniform Policy is very clear when it comes to the correct shirt for PE classes, hair styles, nails, make-up, jewellery and how to wear the uniform, jumpers are not to be tucked into skirts and skirts are not to be rolled up. Failure to wear the college uniform correctly will result in a Reminder Note with punishment work. Repeated failures will result in further sanctions. It is the responsibility of every parent/guardian to ensure their children are properly dressed for school each day and it is the responsibility of each students to wear their uniform properly.

Autumn is approaching

With Autumn approaching, students will need to wear their school jackets as per the school uniform policy. No other jacket is permitted, and non-uniform jackets will be confiscated whether they are being worn or carried. The only exception is a navy jacket to be worn while the school jacket is being repaired or washed.

1st and 2nd Year Bag Racks

As our 1st and 2nd Years are the only 2 year groups that must stay in school for lunch, they now have bag racks to store their school bags on while they go to the canteen for lunch. Schoolbags are not allowed in the canteen. The bag racks are named for each class and are located beside their tutor rooms. Please have a conversation with your child about this.

Welcome to Señora Medina´s Spanish Club for 6thyears.


We will start next Tuesday 20th of September.

Please get a signature from home to allow you to stay in school for lunch if you need to.

If you live nearby you can go home for lunch and come back in time for the Spanish Language Club. Please bring all your notes for the Spanish Oral, the Spanish Roleplays and chapters in

“ Español bien hablado”.

¡Hasta el martes!

Saludos cordiales de

Señora Medina

Parents VS Ware Notices.

I would like to thank all parents and guardians who have successfully engaged with VSD Ware to record planned absences for their child’s tutor to approve. This is a very positive step in the move to a totally electronic attendance monitoring system with the removal of the absence note after Christmas.

From today, Friday 16-09-2022, our Front Office Staff will send a notification to parents on VS Ware when your child is absent at either the AM Roll Call or the PM Roll Call. This notification will arrive in your VS Ware account at 09:00 and at 13:00. It is the responsibility of every parent/guardian to ensure that this notification is acted upon as soon as possible to ensure our roll call records are accurate. This is another step towards all our roll calls being administered online without the need for notes in the students journal. If you have problems accessing your VS Ware account, please do not hesitate to contact out Front Office.


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