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Newsletter No. 155, Monday 28-11-2022


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Semester 1 Exams

Well done to all students and especially our 1st Years who completed their first set of Semester Exams in Coláiste Pobail Setanta. All students did their best to show how much they had learnt in the first semester.

Our 3rd Year students had set targets for these exams and will be very excited to get their results to be able to compare their results and targets. This is an initiative led by Ms. Galbraith for our 3rd Year students and she will make more information available to parents prior to the results being released to aid the conversations that will be had at home between parents and students.

Lámh at Coláiste Pobail Setanta

Lamh is the sign language we are promoting in our school for students who have difficulties communicating verbally. Some of our students are non-verbal and we need them to feel accepted and comfortable in our school. For that reason there is going to be a lamh sign communicated to our students in every assembly, tutorial and class for the whole school to use throughout the day so that it becomes our norm and not just something we try to remember when we meet one of our friends that has communication difficulties.  

The Week after exams Lamh signs are DOOR, TO COUNT, TIDY UP, NAME. Please see videos attached.

DOOR - (580) Lámh Sign For DOOR - YouTube

TO COUNT - (580) Lámh Sign For TO COUNT - YouTube

TIDY UP - (580) Lámh Sign For TIDY UP - YouTube

NAME - (580) Lámh Sign For Name - YouTube

Students can try put these signs together into a sentence.

Orchard Fostering Urgent Appeal

Dear Parents/Guardians

Please see a message from Orchard Fostering, which they have asked to share with all parents & guardians

There is currently a shortage of Foster Carers in Ireland and Orchard Fostering are now urgently recruiting Fosters Carers in every county across Ireland.

The minimum requirements to become a foster carer is that you must have spare room, the ability to drive and have the time and availability for a child or young person.

You could potentially change the life of a child or young person in need.

If you have considered fostering or would like to know more, please email , call 01 627 5713 or visit our website to find out more information.

Students Attendance and Absence

This year we are using the VS Ware App so that parents can communicate directly with the College regarding a student’s planned absence, appointments etc, or unplanned absence, illness etc. Please use VS Ware to input this information as we will be slowing phasing out the use of the school journal for this communication. From 5/1/2023 we will no longer accept notes in the journal to grant a student’s permission to leave for an appointment or to excuse an absence. From 5/1/23 we will only accept communication through VS Ware on these items

College Uniform

The expectations of the College when it comes to uniform is very clear on the College Website,


The Uniform Policy is very clear when it comes to the correct shirt for PE classes, hair styles, nails, make-up, jewellery and how to wear the uniform, jumpers are not to be tucked into skirts and skirts are not to be rolled up. Failure to wear the college uniform correctly will result in a Reminder Note with punishment work. Repeated failures will result in further sanctions. It is the responsibility of every parents to ensure their children are properly dressed for school each day and it is the responsibility of each students to wear their uniform properly.

Winter is approaching

With Autumn approaching, students will need to wear their school jackets as per the school uniform policy. No other jacket is permitted, and non-uniform jackets will be confiscated whether they are being worn or carried. The only exception is a navy jacket to be worn while the school jacket is being repaired or washed.

Students Independence

I am very pleased with the huge reduction in parents’ cars on the grounds of Colaiste Pobail Setanta and with the marked increase of students walking and cycling to school. This achieves two goals of our College, to reduce our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions from cars and to promote students independence and self-reliance at being able to make their own way to school. As the weather becomes more like Winter, I expect the current trend to continue, so I am asking parents to purchase the College Coat and an umbrella for their children for when the rain returns.

Guidance Dept News

Friday 25th November:

Saturday 26th November

Monday 28th November

Tuesday 29th November

College Awareness Week2022

College Awareness Week takes place next week and we have the following activities/events organised. We hope that you and the students will enjoy the week and get involved in any way that you can. If you do get involved please take pictures and upload them to the school twitter or email them on to us. We really hope you enjoy the week and thank you all so much in advance for your support with #CAW@CPS2022. If you could also use the hashtag #ddletbethos we would appreciate it.

Only one of the talks for 6th Years is happening via Teams. Students will need to have their earphones in to listen in to the talks during class. Only students who have signed up for the talks should be logging in for them and it will be up to them to catch up on any classwork missed during this time. The time/day for each talk is listed on the table below so if you have 6th Years at any of these times please allow them to log in for the talk or to come down to the canteen. Thank you for your co-operation with this. Talk lists will be emailed next week.





The Guidance Gallery – students and teachers are invited to visit ‘The Guidance Gallery’ on the red floor throughout the week.

CAW Bingo – teachers please see the Bingo sheet attached to this email – if you would like to, please upload this into your classes OneNote for them to complete throughout the week. Students can forward their completed Bingo sheet to no later than Thursday 1st Dec. to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

CAW Kahoot – teachers please click this link Kahoot! to a Kahoot on what some celebrities studied in college – you may want to do this with some of your classes during CAW 2022. Let us know how you get on 😊

Teacher Slides – please click this link to the teacher slide Feel free to share your slide with your classes throughout the week. Students love to hear about how you got to where you are today.

College Awareness Week Staff Slides 2022 Proper Final 1.pptx

CAW Various Activities – teachers please click this link CAW templates ( for a sheet of suggested activities for College Awareness Week. If you do try any of them out please let us know how you get on.

There is also a document attached to the email that has various activities you can do in class.

All Week

Friday-TY's P.1

Wed -P.3-Band 1










Speed Careers - 3rd and TY students

Teachers please accompany student's down to the canteen if you have them during one of these times

Subject Choice Talks for 3rd and TY groups

These will be taking place over the next two weeks. We will speak to the individual teachers about when these will take place

Monday 28th

College Talks


10:30 - Canteen

Tuesday 29th

Trinity College Dublin Talk for 6th Yrs

9:30am - online, students can log in and listen via their headphones.

Thursday 1st Dec

Dunboyne College of Further Education

1:30 in the canteen

Wednesday 30th

Maynooth University

2:30 - canteen

Thursday 1st Dec


10:30am Canteen

Friday 2rd Dec


9:30am - canteen


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