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Newsletter No. 151. Monday 24-10-2022


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Guidance News

Monday 24th of October:

CAO/PLC Information evening for Parents/Guardians of 6th year students from 6pm-7pm. This will include how to apply to CAO for college courses. Post Leaving Cert courses and information on the HEAR and DARE scheme.

Monday 24th October

Tuesday 25th October

Wednesday 26th October

Thursday 27th October

Saturday 29th October

College Uniform

The expectations of the College when it comes to uniform is very clear on the College Website,


The uniform policy has been recently updated on the website.

The Uniform Policy is very clear when it comes to the correct shirt for PE classes, hair styles, nails, make-up, jewellery and how to wear the uniform, jumpers are not to be tucked into skirts and skirts are not to be rolled up. Failure to wear the college uniform correctly will result in a Reminder Note with punishment work. Repeated failures will result in further sanctions. It is the responsibility of every parent to ensure their children are properly dressed for school each day and it is the responsibility of each student to wear their uniform properly.

Autumn is approaching

With Autumn approaching, students will need to wear their school jackets as per the school uniform policy. No other jacket is permitted, and non-uniform jackets will be confiscated whether they are being worn or carried. The only exception is a navy jacket to be worn while the school jacket is being repaired or washed.

Students Independence

I am very pleased with the huge reduction in parents’ cars on the grounds of Colaiste Pobail Setanta and with the marked increase of students walking and cycling to school. This achieves two goals of our College, to reduce our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions from cars and to promote students’ independence and self-reliance at being able to make their own way to school. As the weather becomes more like Winter, I expect the current trend to continue, so I am asking parents to purchase the College Coat and an umbrella for their children for when the rain returns.




The State Examinations Commission (SEC) intends to issue the 2022 Junior Cycle examination results to candidates on Wednesday 23 November 2022.

Noting the very significant examiner shortages which affected marking at both Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle this year, the SEC has been making every effort to complete the marking in all subjects so that these results can issue.

This year’s Junior Cycle results will be available in schools on Wednesday 23 November 2022. Candidates can also access their results online from 4pm on that date noting that the online service is not intended to replace the valuable results service and advice provided by schools at results issue time.

The SEC appreciates that candidates and their parents/guardians may be disappointed that these results are issuing later than normal. This has arisen due to a combination of factors which include a later issue date for the Leaving Certificate results and, most especially, the impact of a shortage of teachers to mark the examinations over the summer marking period. In most subjects, the number of teachers available to undertake roles as examiners was less than the number required to mark that subject within the normal summer marking window. In all subjects, marking continued for an extended period of time in the summer and with many examiners agreeing to take on additional scripts to mark.

In a small number of subjects, in which the examiner supply challenges were most acute, it was not possible to complete the marking and the marking process is ongoing. Marking in these subjects is being undertaken at this time by examiners who had been marking during the summer with these teams supplemented by other teachers qualified to mark in the relevant subjects including teachers who had marked at Leaving Certificate this year. Unlike in the summer marking period, teachers are in schools during the day and only available to mark at evenings and weekends.

The SEC has an absolute responsibility to examination candidates to ensure that their work is marked to the highest standards of quality and integrity and the Commission must be able to stand over the results it issues each year.

The SEC is extremely grateful for the significant efforts of those teachers who undertook the crucial role of marking the state examinations this year. In advance of the 2023 examinations, the SEC will be reviewing with all of the stakeholders how best to ensure the availability of teachers in the required numbers to complete this important examination work.

6th Year Parent/Student/Teacher Meeting

Our 6th year Parent-Student-Teacher Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 10th from 15.30-18.00.

You can now enter preferences for teachers you would like to speak with during this meeting.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the school roll number: 76098W
  3. Enter your child's VSWare ID. (Your child will have this)
  4. Enter your preferences, 1 being most preferred.
  5. Save your appointments.

Please complete this step by 12pm on Friday, 21st October.

We will notify you after this date of the appointment slots assigned to you.

We look forward to meeting you and your child at the Parent- Student-Teacher meeting on the 10th of November 2022

Kind regards,


Psychology Advice Clinic

Are you concerned about yourself, a child or another family member and would like some advice? WHEN: The Second & Fourth Tuesday of each month from 9.30 - 12.30, from January 2020.

Slide 1 (

Foróige Career Paths News

Foróige is hosting 11 new Career Paths webinars throughout the school year.

Recognising a need amongst young people, Foróige is offering a series of Career Paths Webinars to empower the career choices of young people across the country. These free interactive webinars are open to all young people and are being offered through Eventbrite. Each webinar will focus on a different professional field and feature a panel of 3 Mentors. The webinar will inform the young people about (1) the different careers that exist within that profession and (2) the diverse paths that people take to their chosen career. Young people will be given a short bio of each panellist prior to the Career Path webinar, enabling them to prepare questions. Questions can be submitted through Eventbrite when acquiring a ticket or through the Chat. The webinars will take place every month from October to May. This is an incredible opportunity, and we hope that you will help us in promoting it with your young people.

Follow us on Eventbrite and be notified as new Career Paths Webinars take place every month.

Get in touch if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.

National Write a Poem Competition

PDST is now taking submissions for the National Write a Poem Competition 2022-2023 under two categories: Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. We hope that this popular competition will encourage young writers to compose poetry, and we hope that it will assist teachers in supporting the writing of poetry in the classroom and beyond.
All submissions to be sent via email to in word format by Wednesday, 7 December 2022.

Borrow Box

We have the app BorrowBox link up on the school website under the student heading. This is a fantastic app which allows students, parents and teachers to borrow eBooks from their local library. Please follow the link to our website for details on how to set up an account and use this resource.

BorrowBox Library Access | Coláiste Pobail Setanta (

Diversity Committee

Yellow Flag Programme, promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity.

We are calling on any students who would like to join the diversity committee.

This committee will be involved in Black History Week and its preparation. This was a huge success last year. This committee will also be involved in making an action plan to celebrate cultural diversity in our school and help keep people safe from discrimination. We will also be writing up a diversity code for CPS. This diversity code will inform everyone on how our school thinks and feels about cultural diversity, it will also look at school rules & see if they need to be changed to foster greater equality.

Please give your name to Ms Kelly & Ms Baraut

Cycle Against Suicide - Headstrong Committee

We are looking for teachers and students to form a Headstrong Committee within the school.

It is part of the Cycle Against Suicide programme which aims to promote positive mental health and break the stigma around poor mental health. Its ethos is that; "It is OK not to feel OK, and it is absolutely OK to ask for help". The headstrong programme can be used as part of the school's self-evaluation process in the area of well-being.

To cut to the chase!

The teacher and student committees would work together to organise 5 exercises or awareness campaigns to do over the course of the year. Whether it be poster competitions, fundraisers, tea mornings etc. Usually this would include a static cycle or actual cycle that students can take part in to raise awareness. There will also be an opportunity to attend the student congress in 2023. At the end of the year, the school will attain Ambassador status and receive a lovely plaque!

For the SPHE, CSPE and Well-being teachers, Headstrong is also providing resources and lesson plans that will suit TYs, 5th and 6th year students. So please contact me if you would like these!

Ideally, The headstrong committee is better suited to Senior Cycle students. Could any tutors of Prefects, TY's, 5th or 6th year please ask their students if this is something they would like to get involved in during tutorial tomorrow and get a list of names? I would really appreciate it!

There will be an hour-long online training session hosted by the Cycle Against Suicide Chief Executive Officer, for the teachers and students of the new committee from 9:15 to 10:45am on the 17th of October. I will supervise this, and I will let you know where the training will take place closer to the day. I know this is at an awkward time, but I can forward any teachers on the slides from C.A.S and we can go through it at a time that suits.

Kind regards,

Ms. K Wise

Senior Prefect Applications

The Senior Prefect Application process is now open for the new Senior Prefects to be elected. This is open to all 5th Year students only.

Please ask your tutor for the link to the application form, if you would like an opportunity to go for a Senior Prefect Role in our college.

This is an excellent opportunity and leadership role, and it opens up many avenues for you in your future.

You can speak to any of our current Senior Prefects, and they will be able to share with you their experience of the role.

The deadline for completion of application form is Friday 28th October.

Senior Prefects

Each year, senior members of our college are appointed to be Prefects. They will interview for the role and be selected for the role by our management and staff. Appointment to this role will be a reflection on those student’s levels of maturity, responsibility, co-operation and work ethic shown throughout their junior years in the college. Being a Senior Prefect is also a recognition of the potential for leadership in these students.

Our Senior Prefects are ambassadors for our school. They must represent our college at both in-school events and out of school events or functions. They are expected to set a good example in class and around the college with regards to following school rules, behaviour, punctuality, uniform etc. They are asked to be alert for any vulnerable students and potential difficulties that may arise. They also must notify the principal of any damage to school property etc.

Each Prefect is assigned to a specific year group. They will go to their tutorial in the mornings, create a bond and relationship with the members of the class, answer any of their questions, give study tips and act as a liaison between the year head and the class group too. Another responsibility of our Prefects is to encourage their junior classes to participate in school events etc."

Data protection guides for children aged 13 and over on their data protection rights

Dear Principal,

I am writing to inform you that the Data Protection Commission (DPC) has published three short guides for children on data protection and their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The purpose of these guides is to explain in language that children can easily understand what data protection is and why it’s important, what data protection rights are and how to use them, and to give children practical advice on keeping their personal data safe in the digital environment. These guides are intended mainly for children aged 13 and over.

The protection of children’s personal data is an important priority for the DPC, and is one of the five core goals of our 2022-2027 Regulatory Strategy published at the end of last year. We have also recently published the final version of our “Fundamentals” guidance on children’s data protection rights for organisations that collect children’s personal data.

Protecting children’s personal data also means giving children the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe when they go online. The DPC is keenly aware of the constructive role that schools such as yours can play in this regard in engaging children in debates and discussions on online privacy. In 2019, we organised a public consultation on children’s data protection rights, as part of which we contacted every school in Ireland and invited them to get involved. We are very grateful to all schools and children that took part.

With this in mind, I would be grateful if you would consider sharing these guides with your pupils or publishing them on your school website so that more children will have the opportunity to read them and learn about their data protection rights.

English and Irish language versions of our guides can be found on our website by clicking on the following links and I have included more information on each of the guides below:

Data protection – what’s it all about?

This guide introduces children and young people to the idea of personal data and data protection, and why it’s important for them to know about it.

My data protection rights

Each of these short guides introduces children to a different data protection right and how to use it. These guides can be read together or separately.

Top tips for keeping your data safe online

This guide has fifteen useful tips to help children – and indeed everyone – keep their personal data safe when they go online.

The DPC hopes that these guides will not only help children keep their data safe, but will also be useful to parents, educators and anyone interested in children’s safety and wellbeing online.

If you have any questions about these guides or the activities of the DPC in this area, please feel free to contact us at

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Carroll

Assistant Commissioner – Children’s Policy Unit

Year Head Appointments

Congratulations to our newly appointed Year Heads who will take up their respective roles on Monday.

Ms. Gallagher takes over as Exam secretary and Year Zero with responsibility for the transition of our incoming 1st years for 2023.

Ms. O’Donovan takes over as Year Head to 2nd Year

Ms. Synan takes over as Year Head to 3rd Year

Ms. Confrey takes over as our second IT Coordinator working with Ms. Dunne.

Staff Meetings

This is a reminder to all parents/guardians that there is a scheduled staff meeting on Thursday 27/10/2022 with classes finishing at 14:00 and students permitted to go home.

There is also a staff training session on Wednesday 09/11/2022 with students permitted to go home at 13:20

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