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Students Attendance and Absence

As you are aware, we are now using the VS Ware App so that parents can communicate directly with the College regarding a student’s planned absence, appointments etc, or unplanned absence, illness etc. Please use VS Ware to input this information as we are no longer accepting notes in the journal to grant a student’s permission to leave for an appointment or to excuse an absence. From 5/1/23 we are only accepting communication through VS Ware on these items.

If you have any questions or issues with accessing VS Ware, please feel free to contact our Front Office Staff for assistance. 

Numeracy Initiative in Colaiste Pobail Setanta

Continuing this week, our Numeracy Committee is running a whole school an initiative to increase students’ problem-solving capabilities through the use of Wordle like games in class. These will be used as class starters or as breaks in class from the work of the lesson. This has been piloted in a number of classes before Christmas and we are now rolling it out across the whole school. Problem solving is a life skill that needs to be nurtured and that is what this initiative is all about. Numeracy is more than numbers and maths, it is every day problem solving.

Best of luck, and have fun! 

The Numeracy Committee 

(Ronan, Hannah, Sarah, Leann, Edeline, Mairead

HSE Information

DATE: 6th January 2023

Significant increase in viral infections

We have seen a very significant increase in the usual winter viral infections. This includes an increase

in flu, RSV and now Covid-19. This is because we are all mixing together more.

We would like to thank you for supporting the dissemination of these important messages and thank

the whole school community for their efforts in following public health advice. As schools and other

activities re-open it is timely to remind the school community of the key measures outlined below.

Important messages for families and children regarding any infections:

1) The most important measure is to stay home if you are unwell.

Many children might have a runny nose or a slight cough in winter season. However, if a child is

feeling unwell they should be at home. For example, they may have:

  • fever
  • cough, and
  • sore throat

They should stay at home until those symptoms have finished. Children unwell with symptoms of

one infection are more likely to get ‘co-infected’ with another infection which might make them

more unwell, if they are exposed.


Staying home when unwell will help prevent spread to other children, families and staff.

2) Infection, prevention and control measures

  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Keep hands clean

Many of the measures that we all got used to with Covid-19 are still important. Hygiene measures

such as these should be encouraged for everyone. These measures help stop the spread of infection.

3) Vaccination

Making sure your child is up to date on all recommended vaccinations will help:

  • stop your child getting an infection and
  • make them less likely to be unwell if they do get an infection

Routine childhood vaccinations protect against many significant viral and bacterial infections.

More information is available at

Flu vaccine

Children and young people with underlying conditions, are at increased risk of severe complications

from flu and are recommended the flu vaccine.

It is important that all adults and children recommended the flu vaccine receive the vaccine. Check if

you are recommended the flu vaccine at

It is not too late to get your free flu vaccine.

More information is available at

Vaccination for Covid-19 is still available. Visit

The most important ways to prevent the spread of all infections are making sure:

  • anyone unwell stays at home
  • children and adults are up to date with their recommended vaccines, including flu
  1. If you are concerned about your child

If you are concerned your child may be unwell, please check There is information on coughs, colds, fever, rashes and symptoms of concern.

Advice on when to contact your GP or go to a hospital emergency department is available at

Typical symptoms of viral infections

Symptoms of viral infections typically include:

  • runny or blocked nose
  • mild fever
  • cough
  • lethargy (tiredness)

Many children with viral infections also have a generalised rash.

Most children with viral infections can safely be cared for at home.

3rd Year Target Setting

This is a reminder that next week 3rd Year students will set their targets for their mock exams. Similarly, to last semester, this will happen across all subjects. Students will do this alongside the support of their teachers in each subject. Students will have access to their learning journey log and will map where they are in their learning, how they got there and what they have learned. This will then allow them to make realistic targets for their mock exams in each subject. These will then be inputted into VSWare and can be compared to their achieved result when their reports go live on VSWare.

This semester, parents will also have the opportunity to view students set targets prior to the results going live. Mock reports with students set targets will be open between the 23rd and 28th January. This step is being introduced to aid the conversations at home and to keep lines of communication open between students, parents and teachers.

The ultimate goal of setting targets is for students to play an active role in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential, whatever the result may be. Teachers, Tutors, their Year Head, Assistant Year Head and Guidance Counsellor are all available if students have any concerns or questions about the process. Students will also be revisiting how to set SMART targets in their SPHE classes in the coming week. In the email sent out on the app to parents we have included a document around SMART targets and a copy of the learning log which you might find useful.

We would encourage you to have conversations at home around the process and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here in the college. We value your continued support and are delighted with the outcomes thus far.

The SSE Committee

Supervised Study

Supervised study will start again this Monday, 16/1/2023. It is designed for 3ed and 67th year students to have a quiet place to study in the evening. For details, please contact Mr Whitty, DP.

Upcoming Events

Thursday 19/1/2023, the options night for incoming 1st year students will take place in the Sports Hall. This meeting is for the parents and students of 1st Year 2023 and will start at 18:00 sharp, finishing at 19:00.

Thursday 26/1/2023, the 2nd Year Parent Students Teacher Meeting will take place in the Sports Hall. Classes finish at 15:00 and the meeting will commence at 15:30, finishing at 18:00.

Friday 27/1/2023 is the closing date for 1st and 5th year options to be completed on VS Ware.

Monday 30/1/2023 the mock exams start for all 3rd and 6th years and will finish on Friday 10/2/2023

Monday 6/2/2023 is a bank holiday and the school will be closed.

Mock Exams.

All 3rd and 6th year students will sit their mock state exams from 30/1/23 to 10/2/23. This is a very important experience for our state exam students in their preparation for June. While all students will sit the exams, only the students that have paid the mock exam fee will receive results. Please check your ENROL account and make that payment to ensure your child receives their mock exam results.

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