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College Newsletter No. 158. Monday 19-12-2022


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Multicultural Fashion Show:

When: Wednesday 21st December

Where: PE Hall

Students must wear their traditional dress/clothing or carry a flag/wear a jersey from their country and walk down the stage and back. Students can come in groups or pairs down the stage if they do not want to do it alone. They will get out of class to practice for this. We need as many countries represented as possible.

The class that has the most participants will receive a prize and any student who participates will receive 10 merits.

We are also looking for performers, so any students who would like to perform a traditional song, play a traditional musical instrument or perform a traditional dance, please give your names to the Student Council/Diversity Committee also. Again, your participation will be rewarded with 10 merits.


Multicultural Food Hall:

When: Monday 19th December

Where: PE Hall

Students are asked to cook/bake/bring some food in that represents their culture to sell on the day. You will be out of class from P1 - P4.

Ideally there'll be 1- 2 stalls representing different countries and we want as many different countries/cultures to be represented. It is up to each student(s) to decorate their tables with flags of their country, have all equipment (cutlery, Tupperware etc...), mini flags, price tags.

The class that has the most participants will receive a prize and any student who participates will receive 10 merits.

Lámh at Coláiste Pobail Setanta

Lamh is the sign language we are promoting in our school for students who have difficulties communicating verbally. Some of our students are non-verbal and we need them to feel accepted and comfortable in our school. For that reason there is going to be a lamh sign communicated to our students in every assembly, tutorial and class for the whole school to use throughout the day so that it becomes our norm and not just something we try to remember when we meet one of our friends that has communication difficulties. 

The Lamh signs are HAPPY CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, SANTA CLAUSE, TOY. Please see videos attached.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS (645) Lámh Sign For Happy Christmas - YouTube
CHRISTMAS (645) Christmas - YouTube

SANTA CLAUSE (645) Lámh Sign For SANTA CLAUS - YouTube

TOY (645) Lámh Sign For Toy - YouTube

Students can try put these signs together into a sentence.

Students Attendance and Absence

This year we are using the VS Ware App so that parents can communicate directly with the College regarding a student’s planned absence, appointments etc, or unplanned absence, illness etc. Please use VS Ware to input this information as we will be slowing phasing out the use of the school journal for this communication. From 5/1/2023 we will no longer accept notes in the journal to grant a student’s permission to leave for an appointment or to excuse an absence. From 5/1/23 we will only accept communication through VS Ware on these items

Guidance News
Monday 19th December


Please remember to apply for your CAO number by the 20th of January

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