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College Newsletter No. 157. Monday 12-12-2022


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Multicultural Fashion Show:

When: Wednesday 21st December

Where: PE Hall

Students must wear their traditional dress/clothing or carry a flag/wear a jersey from their country and walk down the stage and back. Students can come in groups or pairs down the stage if they do not want to do it alone. They will get out of class to practice for this. We need as many countries represented as possible.

The class that has the most participants will receive a prize and any student who participates will receive 10 merits.

We are also looking for performers, so any students who would like to perform a traditional song, play a traditional musical instrument or perform a traditional dance, please give your names to the Student Council/Diversity Committee also. Again, your participation will be rewarded with 10 merits.

Multicultural Food Hall:

When: Monday 19th December

Where: PE Hall

Students are asked to cook/bake/bring some food in that represents their culture to sell on the day. You will be out of class from P1 - P4.

Ideally there'll be 1- 2 stalls representing different countries and we want as many different countries/cultures to be represented. It is up to each student(s) to decorate their tables with flags of their country, have all equipment (cutlery, Tupperware etc...), mini flags, price tags.

The class that has the most participants will receive a prize and any student who participates will receive 10 merits.

Important HSE Information

DATE: 7th December 2022

There has been a large increase in general viral infections among children and young people this


There have also been recent concerns about a rare bacterial infection. This infection is iGAS (an

invasive Group A Streptococcal infection). It is and also known as Group A Strep.

Significant increase in viral infections We have seen a significant increase in the usual winter viral infections. This includes an increase in flu. This is because children are mixing together more. In previous years social contact was much reduced. This in turn reduced the rates of routine infection.

Typical symptoms of viral infections Symptoms of viral infections typically include:

  • runny or blocked nose
  • mild fever
  • cough
  • lethargy (tiredness)

Many children with viral infections also have a generalised rash.

Most children with viral infections can safely be cared for at home.

More information can be found at

Group A Strep and related bacterial infections

There have been cases of serious bacterial infections, specifically Group A Strep.

Severe infection is rare. Group A Strep more commonly causes infections such as:

  • tonsillitis
  • scarlet fever
  • skin infections

Ireland has seen cases of more serious infections recently. But so far there has been no increase

compared to what we saw before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Information about managing illnesses of concern will continue to be updated on over coming

days and weeks.

Important messages for families and children regarding any infections:

1) The most important measure is to stay home if you are unwell.

Many children might have a runny nose or a slight cough in winter season. However, if a child is

feeling unwell they should be at home. For example, they may have:

  • fever
  • cough, and
  • sore throat

They should stay at home until those symptoms have finished.


Children with symptoms are more likely to spread infections. For example, they may spread flu or

bacterial infections. Staying home when unwell will help prevent spread to other children, families

and staff.

2) Infection, prevention and control measures

- Cover coughs and sneezes

- Keep hands clean

These measures that we all got used to with Covid-19 are still important. They should be encouraged

for everyone. These measures help stop the spread of infection.

3) Vaccination

Making sure your child is up to date on all recommended vaccinations will help:

- stop your child getting an infection and

- make them less likely to be unwell if they do get an infection

Routine childhood vaccinations protect against many significant viral and bacterial infections.

There is no vaccine against many viral illnesses or Strep A.

More information is available at

Flu vaccine

The nasal spray flu vaccine is available for children aged 2 to 17 years. It helps protect against severe

infection with flu and onward spread.


Many adults are also recommended to have the flu vaccine.

More information is available at

Vaccination for Covid-19 is still available. Visit

The most important ways to prevent the spread of all infections are:

  • making sure anyone unwell stays at home
  • children and adults are up to date with their recommended vaccines, including flu
  1. If you are concerned about your child

If you are concerned your child may be unwell, please check There is information on coughs,

colds, fever, rashes and symptoms of concern. There is advice on when to contact your GP or go to a

hospital emergency department.


OCO Children's Mental Health Survey

The Ombudsman for Children needs your help to hear from all children aged between 12 and 17 (inclusive) about their mental health and mental health services in Ireland.

We would like to get a more in-depth knowledge of children’s views on mental health and mental health services and we are asking your help to get their views. We are asking that your school shares our survey with children and parents, and any organisations in your network, to ensure that as many children as possible are consulted!


Link to survey:

We really need your help to make sure that as many children in Ireland as possible complete this survey, so we would really appreciate it if you could share this widely and support children to give their views. The survey closes Midnight 18th December 2022.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. We appreciate your support in this important work.

Kind regards,

Participation and Rights Education Team, OCO.

Participation and Rights Education Unit

Ombudsman for Children's Office
Millennium House
52-56 Great Strand Street
Dublin 1

+353 1 8656 800

Lámh at Coláiste Pobail Setanta

Lamh is the sign language we are promoting in our school for students who have difficulties communicating verbally. Some of our students are non-verbal and we need them to feel accepted and comfortable in our school. For that reason there is going to be a lamh sign communicated to our students in every assembly, tutorial and class for the whole school to use throughout the day so that it becomes our norm and not just something we try to remember when we meet one of our friends that has communication difficulties. 

The Lamh signs are HAPPY CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, SANTA CLAUSE, TOY. Please see videos attached.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS (645) Lámh Sign For Happy Christmas - YouTube
CHRISTMAS (645) Christmas - YouTube

SANTA CLAUSE (645) Lámh Sign For SANTA CLAUS - YouTube

TOY (645) Lámh Sign For Toy - YouTube

Students can try put these signs together into a sentence.

Promoting Positive Behaviour in CPSetanta

We are hoping to reinvigorate our Merit System through a Student Led Competition.

When will it take place?

Dates: S2 Week 1 – Week 4

Monday 28th Nov – Monday 19th Dec

The initial competition will start next Monday, S2 Week 1, and run for 4 weeks leading up to

the Christmas Break.

If successful, then the competition will run again after the Christmas Break.

How will it be administrated?

  1. Each teacher will be given a Stamp to use when issuing Merits in the Journal
  2. An updated list of 'How to attain a Merit' will be shared with Teachers, Students & Parents (see below)
  3. Teachers are to stamp a Merit on the Merit Section of the Students Journal....Additional pages for S2 will be made available to Tutors (if a student's page becomes full then a new page is added to the Journal)
  4. At the end of each week, during Tutorial the CLASS REP will count all the Merits achieved by the Tutorial Group. Merits counted will be crossed off to ensure accuracy each week
  5. The Class Reps will then report the Merit Count to the TLP Team Member associated with their specific year group (see below)
  6. A 'Merit Competition Wall' will be established in the Canteen area and updated weekly with the running number of merits for each tutor group.

What is the competition goal/ prize?

The goal of the competition is to reinvigorate the Merit System already established in our

school, which in turn should promote positive behaviour both in our classrooms and in

extracurricular activities.

The prize for students will be a Tutor Party for the winning Tutor Group in each year on the

last week before the Christmas Holidays.

TLP Team Members Associated with each Year Group:

  • 1st Year – Mrs O’Neill
  • 2nd Year – Ms Buckley
  • 3rd Year – Dr Bowman
  • TY – Mr O’Domhnaill
  • 5th Year – Ms Guiney & Ms McKnight
  • 6th Year – Mr Shorthall

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Guidance News

Saturday 10th December

Monday 12th December

Tuesday 13th December


Please remember to apply for your CAO number by the 20th of January

Central Applications Office (


Please keep an eye out on all the different apprenticeships on offer

Generation Apprenticeship
Students Attendance and Absence

This year we are using the VS Ware App so that parents can communicate directly with the College regarding a student’s planned absence, appointments etc, or unplanned absence, illness etc. Please use VS Ware to input this information as we will be slowing phasing out the use of the school journal for this communication. From 5/1/2023 we will no longer accept notes in the journal to grant a student’s permission to leave for an appointment or to excuse an absence. From 5/1/23 we will only accept communication through VS Ware on these items

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