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5th Year Booklist 2020-2021



Remember that it will be YOUR responsibility to ensure that your Surface Tablet Device is fully charged each day. Use the CP Setanta code 26553191 when using the Wriggle Store.

The College recommends that you complete the purchase through Wriggle as distance learning may still be in place come September.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to purchase books through Wriggle you may purchase them at any bookstore. Please use the following code if wishing to purchase at Bookhaven: 48195y. Please note parents who purchase through Bookhaven or any other store will not receive the follow up service from Wriggle or the college should the app or ebooks create problems.



Fiúntas Nua: Edco €32.75(text & ebook)

Buy/Keep: Foclóir

Keep: Oral flashcards from JC

Buy :2 A4 copies and 1 soft copy

Buy: Gléasnótaí 2019 – Mentor Books

(Be certain to buy the 2019 version) *Possibly not available to buy until September. Can be ordered from

Buy: Exam papers – available to buy in September – wait for teacher to confirm brand.


Fuinneamh Nua: Edco €32.75(text & ebook)

Keep: Foclóir

Buy: 2 A4 copies and 1 soft copy Keep: Oral Flashcards from JC.

Buy: Oral – Edco Sraith Picitúr Booklet (available in September approx. €2.50)


A4 Hardback, A4 refill, flashcards, pritt sticks, whiteboard markers

All 5th years to purchase “Othello” Excellence in English 2022

Discovery Poetry for 2022: Edco

Comparative texts to be decided with class teacher in September


Higher Level Textbook: Text & Tests 4 & 5,

  1. D. Morris, Paul Cooke, The Celtic Press

Ordinary Level Textbook: Text & Tests 3 (Strands 1 – 5, Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Maths O. D. Morris, Paul Cooke, Paul Behan The Celtic Press

Equipment for both levels:

'Formula and tables, approved for State Examinations’, published by the State Examinations Commission.

Mathematical set

2 A4 squared copies (soft back)

Scientific calculator (Casio fx83GTX)


Sovereignty and Partition, 1912-1949 by M.E Collins (EDCO – Latest Edition)

The United States and the World 1945–1989 Stephen Tongue and Maire De Buitler (EDCO Latest Edition)

Exam Skills History, Higher Level: Leaving Certificate (Niall Boyle, Mentor)

2 x A4 Refill pad and A4 Display Booklet

Polypockets and subject dividers


Horizons Book 1 Hynes & Fitzharris Folens (LATEST EDITION)

2 A4 copies

Ruler and colouring pencils

A4 Lever Arch Folder

Pack of Subject dividers

Polypockets/1 A4 Hardback copy/1 A4 copy


Life: Leaving Certificate Biology by Maume & Scott Sweeney (Folens)

1 A4 hardback copy

2 homework copies

A4 folder


Real World Physics by Dan O Regan (Folens)

2 A4 Science hardbacks with graph paper

Log tables

Geometry set

Scientific calculator

1 homework copy


Chemistry Live 2nd Edition and accompanying workbook Kennedy/O Shea (Folens)

Leaving Certificate Chemistry Student Laboratory notebook Kennedy/O Shea (Folens)

2 Hardback copies

2 homework copies


A4 Refill Pad and Folder



Buy: A4 Folder

Buy: A5 Reflection Notebook

Buy: Mindful Colouring Book (Any design/theme they wish – no offensive themes/bad language)


Keep: Dictionary

Keep: A4 Hardback of Junior Certificate Notes

Buy: A4 Hardback and 2 A5 copies (one for tests and one for Homework) + folder with plastic pockets

Buy: Tout va bien, 2nd edition by Folens

Buy: Bien Dit, 2d edition (green) by Edco

Buy: Ecoutez Bien 2 (listening book) by Folens

Buy: mini whiteboard markers x2 and a wipe


Buy: El español bien hablado (2nd Edition) by Bernadette Cosgrove (Folens)

Buy: Venga by Maria Fenton ( Edco)

Buy: EDCO exam papers including 2020 exam

Buy: A4 folder

Buy A4 hardback copybook

Buy A5 softback copybook

Keep: Dictionary

Buy: Relato de un náufrago. (deBolsillo)

(Textbook is NOT available from Easons. It can be purchased online at or in International Books bookstore)


Buy: Deutsch Komplett 2nd Edition by Maire Devlin Quinn and Derval McGrath Publisher: Folens

Buy: Die Mündliche by Niamh Cooper. Publisher: Folens. Published 2020 Students MUST buy the FOLENS edition.

A4 hardback copy

A5 softback copy

Religion (LC Exam Subject)

(Both textbooks are only available in Veritas Stores or online at

The Search for Meaning & Values Section A Student textbook (Paula Goggin - ISBN13: 9781853908613)

Faith Seeking Understanding: Sections B, C & D Pupil textbook (ISBN13: 9781853909122)

2 A4 refill pads

2 A4 folders

Edco Exam Papers Combined Higher and Ordinary Level (Yellow booklet)

Business Studies

Inside Business – Davin Kielthy & Lisa O’Byrne - EDCO

Higher & Ordinary Papers Combined (Edco)

A4 Hardback


Accounting for Senior Cycle (3rd Edition) – Christy Tyrrell, Karin Kielthy – (Edco)

Higher & Ordinary Papers Combined – (Edco)

A4 Hardback

Folder & Poly Pockets

Scientific Calculator


Positive Economics written for the New Leaving Certificate specification Susan Hayes Culleton, Trudie Murray, Brian O'Connor 2019. - EDCO

Higher & Ordinary Papers Combined – (Edco)

A4 Hardback


A4 manuscript

A4 hardback

Leaving Cert Music Workbook Course B (Folens)

Scores: Mozart Piano Concerto in A major, Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique, The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Raymond Dean’s Sea Changes

(scores can be bought at Walton's Blanchardstown)


Appreciating Art (Blue cover) by Aine Ni Charthaigh & Aiidan O’Sullivan Published by Gill Education

A4 ring binder

100 polly pockets

Hardback A4 lined refill pad

2b &6B pencil and rubber

Small pack of colouring pencils

Construction Studies

Get Constructive – published by, Authors – Corcoran, King and Nolan

Book and e-book for 2 years is €28

Hardback x2

Set Squares


Graphics in Design and Communication – Published by Gill Education, Authors – David Anderson

Book €40 and e-book €36

Drawing set both in school for €15

Exam Papers – (Essential)

A3 or A2 folder for drawings

T-Square for home (Should have from Junior Cert)

Home Economics:

Complete Home Economics Textbook and Food Studies Assignment book by Leanne Gillick

& Laura Healy

1 Hardback Copy A4

1 softback copy A4 1 Folder and Polypockets 1 Refill pad.

Must have weighing scales at home Exam papers LC


Technology for Leaving Cert by Grainne Enright. Published by Golden Key

2 A4 Hardback Copies.

Computer Science

Publisher: Golden Key

Author B. Becker and K Quille

This book may not be released to bookshops by the summer but should be available in early September.


You will need at least two copies for each subject. Some subjects will also need hardback copies. It is a good idea to buy some ring binders and poly-pockets as well-this helps you keeps extra notes safe and organised.

  • You will need two whiteboard markers.
  • School journal will be available during induction week, paid for as part of your voluntary contribution.
  • Try to purchase A4 size copies with the plastic covers as these are not as heavy as the hardback copies.
  • The booklist is also available on our website
  • 5th Years students may be required to purchase Examination Papers at the appropriate level in late September/ Early October.
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