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3rd Year Booklist 2020-2021



Coláiste Pobail Setanta Booklist 2020 - 2021

Coláiste Pobail Setanta is a Digital School where each student has a Personal Education Device.

Students are required to have purchased their eBooks for each subject in all Year Groups prior to commencing school on August 28th.

Parents have the option to purchase a physical book also if they wish but this is not a school requirement.

Students may only bring their device with the eBooks to school, the physical book (if one has been purchased) is for home use only and will not be accepted as a replacement for the eBook in class.

Students of 5th Year have a choice of eBooks or physical books or both.

Students of 6th Year have a choice of eBooks or physical books or both.

ALL Students in 5th and 6th Year should also have a device for class as this will be used for teaching and learning. This device must be purchased through Wriggle.

Please do not hesitate to contact the College should you need assistance.

The Wriggle store is open until the 30th of June 2020. Failure to purchase before this date will result in a 50 euro late fee payable to Wriggle.

3rd Year Book List 2020 - 2021

Remember that it will be YOUR responsibility to ensure that your Surface Tablet Device is fully charged each day.

There is an eBook available for all subjects which must be purchased through the Wriggle Store. Use the CP Setanta code 26553191 when using the Wriggle Store.

The College recommends that you complete the purchase through Wriggle as distance learning may still be in place come September.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to purchase books through Wriggle you may purchase them at any bookstore. Please use the following code if wishing to purchase at Bookhaven: 48193y. Please note parents who purchase through Bookhaven or any other store will not receive the follow up service from Wriggle or the college should the app or ebooks create problems.


Keep the text book from 2nd Year

Keep: All hardback and small copies from 2nd year

Buy : A4 hardback copy

Buy: small copy

Buy: Index Cards

Buy: Exam papers-to be purchased in September – teacher will confirm what brand to buy

3rd year Higher Level: novel will be chosen in September by teacher, expected cost approx. €10


Continue with: Crescents E-Book

Keep: All copies, hardbacks and notes from 1st & 2nd Year

A4 Display folder

Romeo and Juliet Play and Portfolio –

Buy: Ed. Co. Junior Cycle. Higher Level exam papers

Hardback & Copy

A4 Refill Pad

Pritt Stick

***Novel. To be decided by teacher in September***


CONNECT WITH MATHS 1 (OL) & 2 (HL) Text Book Edco


'Formula and tables, approved for State Examinations’, published by the State Examinations Commission.

Mathematical set

2 A4 squared copies (soft back)

Scientific calculator (Keep calculator from First Year or purchase Science Calculator Casio fx83GTX)



Keep: A4 hardback copy & softback copy

Buy: Ed. Co. Junior Cert. Higher Level exam papers


Geography Now (Textbook and Activity Book (Edco) Retain from 2nd year


Keep: hardback copies

Keep: copies/folder with handouts

Buy: exam papers

Also Need: Ruler and colouring pencils



Keep: Science Matters Laboratory NoteBook Dorgan, Kennedy, Scott Folens

Keep: Scientific calculator

Keep: 2 Science hardback copies with graph paper & A4 copy

Buy: Science Higher level exam papers

Religious Studies

Keep: A Question of Faith Ebook - Edco

Keep: All copies from last year

Buy/Keep: Edco Combined levels Exam Papers (Yellow Booklet)

Buy: 2 A4 Softback copies

Buy: 1 Document Wallet folder

Buy: 1 A5 notebook for reflections


ONE WORLD Text Book Edco

1 80 page copy. (Retain from last year)

1 Folder. (Retain from last year)

Keep: Copies

Buy: CSPE common level exam papers


SPHE1 WELLBEING 3 Text Book Edco

1 80 page copy (Retain from last year)

1 Folder (Retain from last year)


Ca Roule 1 and 2

Keep: Oxford French dictionary (online is fine)

Keep: A4 hardback copy and all notes from 1st & 2nd yr

Buy: 1 A4 hardback + two A5 copies (can continue from last year's)

Buy: mini white board markers and a wipe for the board

Buy: exam papers and CDs – any brand


Keep: Qué pasa 1 and 2 (Edco)

Keep: Collins gem Spanish/English dictionary (online one is fine)

Keep: A4 hardback copybook from 1st and 2nd year + folder for notes/handouts

Buy: 1 A4 hardback + 1 small soft A5 copy

Buy: Polypocket folder for notes/handouts

Buy: exam papers including 2020 exam.

Keep: Vamos a Escuchar Book 1 (Red Book) Rosemary Grahams Folens


Buy: One soft copy

Keep: A4 hardback copy with all notes from 1st & 2nd year

Keep: Portfolio copy



Keep: Record books 1,2 and 3 (buy new if needed)

Keep: 2nd year copies & hardbacks

Buy: Exam Papers – EDCO


Keep: 'Sounds Good' workbook - EdCo

Keep: 'Sounds Good' core book - EdCo

Keep: A4 manuscript from 1st and 2nd year

Keep: A4 hardback from 1st and 2nd year

Keep: Tin whistle Buy: New A4 manuscript

Buy: Edco Exam papers including 2020 exam


Students are asked to purchase their own - pritt stick (glue) x2, 2b and 3b drawing pencils and a scissors. A2 card folder to be purchased from the school 2 euro.

Materials Technology Wood


Keep: 1 A4 hardback copy

Technical Graphics


Keep: Drawing Kit:

Colouring pencils-Faber-Cassell

Drawing pencils, 2H, 3H, sharpener, eraser, compass

Buy: A3 Folder


Keep: A4 hardback notebook

Keep: A3 folder with handle

Junior Cycle Technology Golden Key


Keep: 1 A4 hardback copy

Basic Engineering CJ Fallon

Home Economics

Eat Plan Live (Edco)

Keep and buy: 1 Hardback copy A4

Keep and buy: 1 Copy A4 softback

Keep: Basic sewing kit

Must have weighing scales at home

Keep: JC Exam papers.


Please keep all your copies from 2nd Year. You will need at least two copies for each subject. Some subjects will also need hardback copies. It is a good idea to buy some ring binders and poly-pockets as well-this helps you keeps extra notes safe and organised.

  • You will need two whiteboard markers.
  • School Journal and locker can be purchased on the college Enrol System: Journal is 10 euro and Locker is 20 euro.
  • Try to purchase A4 size copies with the plastic covers as these are not as heavy as the hardback copies.
  • The booklist is also available on our website
  • 3rd year students will be required to purchase examination papers at the appropriate level in late September/ early October. The recommended company for value and quality is
  • Please note that payment for the Junior Certificate Examinations is made to the State Examinations commission in March. (Holders of a valid medical card do not pay this fee).
  • Please note that payment for the Junior Certificate Mock Examinations is made to the College through the online payment system before the Christmas Holidays.
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