Croí Centre Enrolment Policy

Overview of the Croí Centre Enrolment Policy

Our Croí Centre is funded and resourced by the Department of Education and Science. This college policy has regard to the funding, resources, services and space available.

As students in the Croí Centre are enrolled as members of tutor groups and classgroups in the main college, all enrolment applications to Croí are subject to the stated enrolment criteria for the college.

In addition to the general Enrolment Policy, the following criteria apply to the enrolment of students in our Croí Centre.


The college Board of Management deals with all enrolment applications to the college. It will be advised on admissions to the Croí Centre by the Croi admission team.

The Croí admissions team will process all enrolment applications to the Croí Centre. The team will review the professional report accompanying this enrolment application and any enrolment is subject to the approval of the team.

The members of the Croí Centre admissions team are: Chairperson Board of Management, Principal, Deputy Principal, Teacher for Autism, and dedicated psychologist.

The decision of the team is subject to the approval of the Board of Management.

Criteria for Enrolment:

In addition to fulfilling the enrolment criteria as outlined in the general enrolment policy, each applicant must have a professional diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The professional report must also include recommendations regarding extra supports/resources and educational interventions needed to best aid that student to progress.

Please note that the fulfilling of the enrolment criteria does not necessarily ensure enrolment in the Croí Centre if:

1.       The necessary resources pertaining to the enrolment are not available
2.       There is no space in Croí

If there are more applicants than places available in any one year's cohort of applicants, then the college will use the criteria 1 and 2 as outlined in the general enrolment policy.

For enrolment applications to the Croí Centre only, the catchment area as outlined in no.2 may be extended to the wider D15 area. This catchment boundary will be reviewed annually in relation to the development of other ASD units.

Places will be offered in the order as outlined 1-5

Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Places will be allocated to these applicants as per the date of receipt of the enrolment application

Planning for enrolment in Croí

Enrolment applications will be available from beginning of May to end of September of the year previous to enrolment in first year in the college.

Enrolment applications will be processed when all the documentation required is provided.

The college staff will liaise with the following when planning a student's enrolment in Croí:
  • Current primary school staff
  • Support staff working with the student
  • Parents/guardians


A number of meetings/visits will take place and an individual transition plan will be developed for each child.

Review Arrangements:

All enrolments in Croí are subject to regular review.  Each student's progress will be reviewed half termly.

The aim of the review is to:

1.       Evaluate the student's progress to date
2.       Revisit the IEP (individual educational Plan) and amend/update if needed
3.       To assess the need for any other supports/further assessment
4.       To recommend to the SENO if this is the case
5.       To assess the ability of the Croí Centre and the college to meet the student's needs
6.       To recommend a more suitable placement if necessary and appropriate

Coláiste Pobail Setanta is a post primary school which opened in September 2008 under the Patronage of County Dublin VEC. The College is non-denominational and co-educational, aspiring towards excellence in a caring and supportive environment.

College Mission Statement:

Our college is a vibrant, friendly, learning community where students, staff and parents are encouraged, challenged and supported in pursuit of the highest standards of achievement and academic excellence.

We embrace diversity, creating a dynamic community which fosters equality, respect and integrity, and recognizes each individual has a unique and valuable contribution to make.

As Coláiste Pobail Setanta will be catering, in the foreseeable future, to an ever-increasing population growth within its catchment area, the Board of Management will review its Enrolment Policy each year.

The Board of Management will be committed to the successful implementation of recent legislation, in particular the Education Act (1998), the Education (Welfare) Act 2000 and the Equal Status Act 2000.

The Board of Management will fully subscribe to the principles of partnership, accountability, transparency, inclusion and respect for diversity, parental choice and equality.


Health Service Executive (HSE) Input:
Essential support services are provided by the HSE. These services include Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

Coláiste Pobail Setanta has no control over these services. We merely act as a relevant setting for their provision. All questions/queries about these services must be addressed to the HSE.


We are committed to the principle of inclusion in this college. Therefore all students enrolled in the Croí Centre are enrolled as members of tutor groups in the main part of the college.

This enables students from Croí to be part of and participate in any classes/activities with the rest of the student body as appropriate.

This is our aim for every student in the Croí Centre. We are also committed to the development of programmes within our college which encourages and supports the involvement of main school students in the Croí Centre.

Links with Parents/Guardians:

We believe that children progress well and learn more effectively when parents/guardians and college staff work closely together. Parents/guardians are welcome to contact any of the staff in Croí or the college principal and arrange a meeting if they have any questions or concerns.

We will develop and maintain close links with parents/guardians of the students in the Croí Centre. The following mechanisms will be used to develop and foster those links:

1.       Daily updates through the student journal
2.       Daily/weekly reporting using the Student Log
3.       Informal meetings whenever needed
4.       Half term review meetings
5.       Midterm reports
6.       Christmas and Summer reports
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