Our Core Values

We have based our name on the famous mythical character, Setanta, who later became known as Cú Chulainn, after he killed the famous hound of Culann. He is a proud, courageous and heroic character, and is central to many well-known Celtic legends.

Our college is founded on the values of:

Misneach (courage):

We support students in having the courage to work hard to achieve long term goals. We value the uniqueness of each individual and encourage everyone in our school community to have the courage to be themselves.

Bród (pride):

We are very proud of our college and our staff and students. We take pride in all our successes and provide an ethos where pride in all your achievements is fully supported and encouraged. We take every opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate student achievement.

Meitheal (support/loyalty):

 We are developing a vibrant learning community, where one of our central aims is to support each other to learn .We are loyal to each other and we are a friend to each other when needed.

Bród, Misneach & Meitheal Art Piece

The Jigsaw, which was designed by our Art Department to coincide with the official opening of the college last year, took pride of place on stage during our first Transition Year and Sixth Graduation ceremonies in May this year. Our students have become very aware of the significance of the piece as our core values are constantly discussed at assemblies, tutorials and school gatherings of every kind.  The striking visualisation of our values helps students to make tangible these concepts. Our students know that we are proud of them when they show courage in their learning and demonstrate kindness, care and respect to each other and to us.

In order to deeply embed these values, we draw on them in all aspects of our teaching and learning in the school, recognising that while academic excellence is our core business, the highest standards of excellence can be achieved in many other areas of life.

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